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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Shunters Truck

At the end of October I purchased this kit for a shunters truck. 

Upon opening it I discovered a piece was missing from the end of one piece. As you can imagine I wasn't to impressed with this discovery. I had since been looking on eBay for RtR models of a shunters truck, but they sell for more than I wanted to pay, which is why I bought the kit in the 1st place, it was cheaper. I have put off building it until a couple of days ago having had time to think about what to do. 

I had built the majority of the wagon to the point of replacing the missing piece, which I have managed to do yesterday. The repair is the 2 pieces of white plastic.

 Today I completed the construction with the final handrail joined to the repair.

Late this afternoon I sprayed it with primer.

Earlier this eveneing I sprayed it with satin black.

This morning I completed the painting of the shunters truck.
I just need to add transfers and weather it to finish.

It goes well with the class 08 shunter.

Transfers applied to the shunters truck this afternoon.

I will leave it overnight so they set before weathering it.


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