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Friday, June 24, 2022

Welford Village

 This morning we had our morning walk up the hill to the top of the village, the photos were on the return back down.

The new replacement Postman Pat, the original had been carved from an old tree stump in the ground, but had started to fall apart.

The Pocket Park is well established.

After lunch I took out the led lamp I fitted inside our old tunnel lamp, and refitted the quartz halogen bulb, I should be able to see in tunnels again! ðŸ¤“


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Foxton Junction to Welford

 This morning we set off up Foxton locks at 9:05am, moored on the visitor moorings opposite Welford marina at 1:20pm, 4hrs 15mins, 6 locks 1 tunnel. /// wishing.twitches.flushes

Sunshine and blues skies to start with, but clouded over and even some spots of rain as we got to the Welford arm.

1st of the Foxton locks

Halfway point

Top lock

Piling work going on

The Leicestershire countryside has some amazing views

Entering Husbands Bosworth tunnel

Inside Husbands Bosworth tunnel, my new tunnel light is going in the bin 😞

North Kilworth wharf

Now moored opposite Welford marina


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Back to Foxton Junction Again

 This morning we winded at Union Wharf, Market Harborough at 9:15am, moored on the visitor moorings just before Foxton junction at 11:25am, 2hrs 10mins, 0 locks 1 swingbridge. /// croaking.march.rash Sunshine and blues skies all the way.

Entering Union Wharf before winding

Following one of the day boats

Now moored before Foxton junction


Monday, June 20, 2022

Foxton Junction to Union Wharf, Market Harborough

 This morning we winded below Foxton locks at 9:10am, moored on the visitor moorings outside Union Wharf, Market Harborough at 11:25am, 3hrs 25mins, 0 locks 2 swingbridges. /// 

Some sunshine but mostly cloudy. 

Approaching Foxton foot swingbridge

Jo did a video of me winding at the junction which she will put on YouTube when we get back to our mooring.
Returning back through Foxton swingbridge after winding at the junction

Approaching Foxton road swingbridge

Approaching Union wharf

Now moored at the visitor moorings on the towpath at Union wharf

After lunch we walked down the hill to do some shopping in the town


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Foxton Sunset

 We were treated to an amazing sunset last night at our mooring at Foxton


Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch at the Black Horse, Foxton 🍽️🍻


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Foxton Locks

 What a change in the weather from yesterday, overcast and occasional spits of rain. Another walk up the locks to chat to Gary at the top lock café then back down to Bridge 61 for another cuppa and watching the boat antics at the junction.

Upper 5 locks

The museum

Lower 5 locks


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Foxton Village

 This mornings walk started going back to the village of Foxton

St Andrews church

The Black Horse Inn

The weighbridge at the entrance to what was Foxton wharf

We then returned to the junction for a cuppa at Bridge 61. 
Foxton Locks Inn from Rainbow bridge

The swing footbridge and entrance to the lower pound of the inclined plane


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Union Wharf to Foxton Junction

This morning we left Union Wharf at 9:40am, moored before Foxton junction at 11:40pm, 2hrs, no locks. /// croaking.march.rash 

Sunshine at last, going to be a warm afternoon.

Leaving Union wharf

The new housing estate by the new bridge 14

Last time we were this way this house was being worked on, looking good now

Now moored just before Foxton junction


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Hfm and Market Harborough

 This morning we walked down the hill to Market Harborough. We 1st called into Hfm and had a good chat with Dave and Tracy Smith, walked back from the radio studio alongside a rather overgrown River Welland, had lunch in the Sugarloaf (Wetherspoons), and did some shopping before returning to Hadar.


Monday, June 13, 2022

Foxton Locks to Union Wharf, Market Harborough

 This morning we left the top of Foxton locks at 8:55am, moored outside the Waterfront at Union wharf, Market Harborough at 12:20pm, 3hrs 25mins, 10 lock. /// repeating.unfit.trek 

Some sunshine but mostly cloudy.

Entering top lock Foxton locks

Going down

Entering the middle pound that divides the 10 locks into 2 sets of 5

Entering the bottom lock

Foxton village swingbridge

The glue works

Union Canal Society moorings

Now moored at Union Wharf, Market Harborough

Moored outside The Waterfront