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Monday, February 26, 2007

Week Seventeen

Completed Roses & Castles.

Tina has now completed the Roses in the Boatmans Cabin. She still has some of the small Castles to do, but she will do these once Hadar is in the paintshed.
Roger has now lined and framed the galley side doors. This now completes the major carpentry in the fore cabin. The galley side doors are for ventilation and light only, there is no physical access through them as they are above the galley worktops.

Galley Side Doors.

Roger has tiled the toilet floor and has started tiling the cubicle walls. He will leave the grouting until she is brought out of the paintshed, as craning her in and out could cause the grout to fall out. This cannot be avoided with a full length boat with an open hold, there will be a lot of flexing when she is craned out. In future we will only be able to dry dock her for maintenance purposes.
Tina has undercoated the engine room, and this is now ready for the gloss coats to go on, the upper walls will be cream and the lower walls green to match the engine colour. Tina is off next week, but upon her return the following week they hope to put Hadar in the paintshed, providing everything is completed that Roger wants done before she goes in there. It could be a busy week for him next week!

Toilet Floor Tiles.

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Anonymous said...

The Boat Looks Awesome and i am very Jealous that you can be on the water 24/7 can we trade