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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Completed Brake Van and 1st Train Driving Lesson

The Brake Van is Rolled Out of the Unit.

Once the paintwork was completed Keith and Roger wheeled the rebuilt brake van out of the unit to return it to the track.

A Little Assistance to Return to the Track.

Muscle power alone was not enough to get it back up the slope and onto the track.
The Final Touches.

Once back onto the track a few final touches were done to complete the rebuild. The brake van looks very smart in it's new livery.
The Finished Van Joins the Train.

All finished the brake van joins the 2 new wagons they rebuilt to form a very smart looking train already for service.

Engine Driving Instruction.

Roger then showed Keith how to drive his engine. He enjoyed the opportunity to actually get to drive it. He is looking forward to taking it for a complete circuit once he and Roger have rebuilt the track which has got damaged.

Keith's 1st Solo Journey.


Leigh Russell said...

Your life sounds very adventurous! Do you keep your boat moored in one place, or are you generally on the move? We have a friend who lives on a longboat but he keeps it in one place, mostly. My daughter has a friend who lives on a boat and he seems to be on the move all the time. I think that sounds much more fun, but it must be hard work too. We've spent some time on boats - my parents used to have a boat on the Thames, many years ago. The setting was generally beautiful and quiet.

******** said...

Hi Leigh. welcome onboard.
We love our life onboard Hadar. At the moment we are in one place as you will read in the diary our engine is in bits, but once she is back together and running we will be continuously cruising the waterways of the UK. We are carrying coal and I plan to sell my poetry from the boat hopefully. I am also selling a poetry book to raise money for cancer research. It is much more fun to be on the move and so we cannot wait to set off again.
Where abouts on the Thames did your parents have their boat, as Keith's parents also had boats down there?
Have a good weekend.