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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Does anyone have????

With so many people popping into our diary. I am hoping that someone out there maybe able to help me find this book.I know that it is no longer in print, but I am hoping that someone out there has finished with their copy of 'Idle Women' by Susan Woolfitt and would be happy for it to go to a new home. It is a book I have been longing to read, but have had little luck with finding a copy. So if you can help me out, e-mail me, I would be so pleased to finally read 'Idle Women'.


Jay said...

I don't have one, I'm afraid, but ABE books have three copies. Go to and do a search! I've bought books from them and they're good people to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hadar,

It is available here but £29.99!

Keith and Jo said...

Hiya Jay and anon.
Many thanks for your messages. I have looked on amazon, but think that £29.99 is a lot for a book, but I will keep looking. Jay I will give abebooks a look.