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Friday, August 20, 2010

Leighton Buzzard to near The Globe Inn.

We are now moored halfway between Leighton Buzzard lock, and The Globe Inn having cruised 1.27 miles, worked 1 lock, in 1hr 35mins. Stopped at Tesco's on the way for food shopping. We passed Carrie's NB Blackbird, but she was not around. A few jobs to do over the weekend on the boat, replace the broken circulation pump for the back boiler, grease the UV joints and rear bearing, check oil level in the gearbox, start to clean out the bilge under the boatman's cabin floor, polish the engine, and anything else we can think of in the mean time. Suggestions on the back of a post card please.


Anonymous said...

Hello Keith and Jo, we are booking a canal boat from Leighton Buzzard for a week on weekend of 24th September. We would like to moor near a pub on the Saturday as there will be some people joining us to celebrate my partners 50th birthday. Which would you recommend to be a better stop - The Grove Inn or the 3 Locks pub? We would be doing some food onboard but it would be useful to maybe get some hot food done at a pub and for additional drinks and facilities such as carparking. If you are able, which pub would you recommend - I am also assuming that there is mooring for our boat closeby? Any advice welcome! We have done this route before on a canal boat a few years before but can't recall finer points and didnt visit any pubs until Stoke Bruerne.
Your blog is very cool by the way!
Best wishes Alison x

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Alison. It was lovely to meet you this afternoon. I hope our advice helped a little and if we can help further, please let us know. Jo x

Anonymous said...

Hello Jo 'n Keith - sorry we didn't get around to wandering down your way yesterday. Spent the day exploring LB and having a ride on the steam train and the time went far too quickly! I'm now up where you were moored before :-)
Carrie x

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Carrie. Please do not worry. we guessed you were both busy. We went on the Steam train the last time we were in LB, it was great fun. Have a lovely week and we will see you again no doubt sometimes. ;0) Jo x