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Friday, January 21, 2011

Foxton top lock - Debdale - Foxton Junction

With a further thin layer of ice on the canal this morning, we set off down through the locks and headed to Debdale Wharf to fill up with diesel. Whilst there we saw work being carried out on Large Woolwich Aber and very smart she is looking so far. We then returned to Foxton Junction and we will be here for the weekend.


Karen Whittal said...

I can only imagine what your life is like, sounds like every day is something different........

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi Karen, most of the time every day is different, but whilst we were iced in for 6 weeks it can get a bit tedious, we were itching to be on the move again. We enjoy the life but many people try it and find it isn't what they think. Regards Keith.