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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Braunston to Yelvertoft

12.25 miles, 13 locks, 6hrs 45mins

Map picture

Yelvertoft (2)

A dismal day, but not too cold. Before we set off from Braunston this morning I wanted to check the prop as for the last few days we seemed to be travelling a bit slower than normal. After half an hour this lot had come off!


The remains of a pair of trousers and the rope were the main contenders, along with the bits of plastic, stick and weed. Passing Braunston Stop house, with still a bit of mist around.


I needed to buy some new blades for my Stanley knife, which I did at Wharf House Narrowboats below Braunston bottom lock. We shared Braunston locks with a nice crowd of youngsters on a hire boat.


Approaching Norton junction, and our home waters of the Leicester Line.


Watford staircase locks.



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