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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Back Onto the Leicester Arm

0.13 miles, no locks, 15 mins.

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Norton Junct (4)

Following our visit yesterday from the electrical engineer, who has carried out some work on our electrics, we moved this morning back onto the Leicester arm, so we are away from other boats and houses so we can run our generator for a few hours to give the batteries a good charge, and once in the “Float” mode I will set the Invertor/Charger into “Equalization” mode, which runs for one hour, and then see how things go, but as things stand it looks very much like we will have to return to Market Harborough to get another set of batteries, the engineer was fairly certain that the new one’s we fitted before Christmas are not performing properly.



Halfie said...

What a pain! I should imagine that with batteries suspected to be faulty it's very difficult to prove who should take the blame. Once they've left the manufacturer anything could happen to them. Having said that, they usually come with a guarantee, so let's hope you can swap them without too much difficulty.

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

Yes you are right about the proving of, that is why we are thinking on other lines this morning, will see how things pan out before posting about it.