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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas and Keith update.

Hi dear blog readers and friends.

As you know Keith came home from the hospital on the 23rd December in time for Christmas and what we hoped would be a fun time. Forget the fun time and Christmas, there was no Christmas dinner and festivities, because poor Keith was poorly. An hour after returning from the hospital he began being sick and then the Diarrhea kicked in. Oh deep joy he had picked up a bug from his time in the hospital. I rang the ward to let them know he had gotten a bug, so they could get their infection people involved in finding out where it had come from. I suspect it was the moved on the Sunday (22nd) from Hatton Ward to Dugdale Ward in the middle of the night. Dugdale ward was an overflow ward which had been closed down. They had to re-open it because A&E was full, as were the other wards. Because Keith was not a serious case, he and others due to go home were moved. So I think the bug came from Dugdale Ward. Christmas Day came and he got up for a while, but was soon back in bed where he began having the shakes and so was confined to bed. He did manage to eat something Boxing Day, but then he seemed to go down hill. Friday night (27th) he had the shakes four times and was seeing things, which meant he had a high temperature. I tried sponging him down and doing all the usual things to get his temperature down. On the Saturday (28th) December I rang 111 again and a doctor rang me back. He asked me to take Keith to the Out of Hours GP Surgery at the hospital. Now I was not happy at having to move him because of his back and the fact that he was as week as a kitten, but I got him dressed and up and Jacky our neighbour very kindly drove us to the hospital, where I had to wheel him in a chair to see the doctor. Keith was diagnosed with a water infection to add to his back pain. So he now has Antibiotics to take on top of the other tablet he is taking for his back, he has however been told to stop the Diclofenic, which may have been something to do with the water infection.
Today Sunday (29th).
Both Keith and I slept better, we were only up twice, and he has eaten some scrambled egg for breakfast. He still has a temperature, but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in today.
Jack Frost visited us this morning with ice on the canal.

I do hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas?
We are looking forward to a good New Year. So may I wish you all a Happy 2014.


Janet said...

I hope he soon feels much better and his back problem can be sorted out soon.

Sue Hunter said...

Blimey Jo, what a Christmas you've both had. Very scary. Hope Kieth will be feeling better soon & you can relax a bit. Best wishes. Sue NB Beefur

Halfie said...

Sorry to read of Keith's ongoing problems. May it all get better very soon. Let's hope you can both enjoy a delayed Christmas lunch in the not too distant future.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Dear oh dear, what a tale! Hope Keith is all better soon and you have a chance to recover too!

I dunno, hospitals, if they don't make you sick they can really p you off…


All the best for 2014, here's hoping it's a healthy year for all of us.