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Monday, April 28, 2014

All at a List.


We were woken at 2:00am this morning when one of our Perspex windows which was leaning against the galley cupboards fell over, Jo though that Paddy had knocked it over, but soon discovered that we were listing at a jaunty angle. I rang C&RT immediately. At about 4:00am I had a call back to say they had found a paddle left open at Cape locks. However having slept for a while, we arose to discover that we were still listing and found out from Ian that in fact there was something jammed in the paddle, which they are now attempting to remove. Presumably they have kept the water level down to aid this work at Cape locks. Only damage so far is we snapped one of our mooring rings, but I have shackled a spare one on for now. Hopefully it will be resolved sometime today.

It is amusing to watch Marmite walking up and down the boat, she is obviously aware that the boat is at an angle but doesn’t understand why.

Paddy’s bed slid across the floor with him still in it!


This is him halfway through his second slide.


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