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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden Statues


We were walking past the recycling bins at Sainsbury’s this morning and spotted these 2 stone statues dumped in front of the bins, so we brought them back to our garden and made a home for them, we do love freebies!



Ann nb Oakfield said...

It's nice that things like this are recycled.
I found a broken poker which I thought would do for a spare tiller pin!

Keith Lodge said...

Working boatmen always used pokers for tiller pins.

Ann nb Oakfield said...

Our first first tiller pin dropped off as we were cruising along and we utilised a screwdriver instead, not very elegant!

Keith Lodge said...

Screwdrivers were very often used especially in an emergency. I used one for ages until I found the one I still have today. I drilled a hole in the bottom if my tiller pin and use a chain with rings (keyring rings) at both ends, one through the tiller pin and one underneath the tiller pin, between it and the tiller, stops it magically falling off :)