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Sunday, May 03, 2015


Fun and games this morning, and I thought it was going to be a restful Sunday.

Started the generator and after a few minutes it stopped. Had this in the past which then was a blocked fuel filter. New fuel filters fitted, but lift pump wouldn't pump fuel up so out comes the manual pump, still no fuel coming through both filters, so refitted manual pump above remote filter, still no joy. Filter off again and reseated, worked this time. Decided that whilst I was in the vicinity I would bypass the small filter mounted on the engine as it is not needed (something I have discussed with BSS as the plastic bowl doesn't meet their safety standards). It also cuts down having to buy 2 types of filter when only 1 is necessary. Restarted generator and everything is hunky dory until it stops again! Changed the oil filter just in case it was blocked, but no joy, only left the cooling water. Undid the pressure cap on the top tank and topped up with water. All working fine again now. Must remember next time to check the water first!

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