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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hadar's Engine

The engine which is to be installed in Hadar is one of 2 known to be remaining of the Type "DA-2" engines built by the "National Gas and Oil Co. Ltd." at Ashton-under-Lyme. Mr H. N. Bickerton founded the company in 1889.

This particular engine carries the Serial No. "63567". It was purchased from a funfair where it was being used as a standby generator, and prior to this it was at Keighley railway works, also as a standby generator. It is a two cylinder unit with a bore diameter of 4⅛", 105mm developing an impressive maximum 30bhp, or 27bhp constant at 1500rpm, and weighs in at a mighty 1500lbs, or 2/3ton! Its physical dimensions are Length (including starter handle) 43½" 109.2cm, Width (flywheel) 25" 63.5cm and Height 45" 114.3cm.
It is being marinised and refurbished by Tony Redshaw at his new workshop in Braunston. It requires a starter ring to be fitted to the flywheel, and starter motor. I have chosen to have 2 alternators, one 45amp (starter battery) & one 90amp (domestic battery) to be fitted.

If anyone has any furter information on this engine please get in touch with us by leaving your message, and we will contact you back. We would love to find out further details on our engine if there are any out there.

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