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Monday, January 23, 2006

Week Three of Hadars Build

Monday 16th January 2006.
Work has begun on our boat,and we are into week 3 of the build. Both Keith and I sat in the shed watching as the two Steve's worked on the Stem Post. It had to be bent into shape to fit on the bow of the boat. Like all boats each design has a different shaped stem post, so a wooden template was used to get the shape right. It was then tacked into place. We are both finding it fascinating watching as the pieces of the jigsaw are put into place. Not many people get the opportunity to see their boat being built from the base plate up, so we do feel priviledged that we have been given this opportunity, we do try our best not to get under anyones feet. Next came the tumblows which were bent into shape and tacked to the stem post ready for welding. The bow was really taking shape.

Tuesday 17th January 2006.
The bow has been welded and all the pieces put into place. They then cut out the place for the weed hatch to go in the stern. The weed hatch which was all ready welded together ready to go in was welded into. The rudder collar was also put into place.

Wednesday 17th January 2005.
The counter sweep ups were cut, giving the stern its shape, and the bow deck was welded into position. The rudder tube was put into position ready for welding, and finally for the day they have cut out the sterns counter deck.

Thursday 18th January 2006.
They have cut out and welded in the front deck.

Friday 19th January 2006.
The sterns rudder tube was welded into place,as was the stern counter deck. The front hatch on the bow was cut out ready to take the front hatch and lid, which were then all welded into place, along with their rivets.The stern dollies had arrived so were fitted and welded into place.

All in all it has been a fabulous week and alot for us to watch and take photographs of. The photographs are in Hadar's Album. Hadar has come on so much this week, and we have really enjoyed watching her progress. There will be many more updates as the boat continues to grow, so please pop in and take a look.


NB-Belle said...

Looking good. If you have not already done so, you might want to get them to run a continuous weld around the hinge strips on the gas locker cover. Otherwise, there will be gaps formed where these strips sit on top of the tread plate pattern and you might find that the rust will leech through and stain the paintwork eventually. Cheers, Chris.

mark said...

You are making great progress. I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the boat coming together. Very exciting.


Mo said...

Great description and pics, well done, good to sit here in the warm watching Hadar grow.

Hi to Chris and Mark - you committed blog followers!

Mo (nb.Balmaha)

NB-Belle said...

Hi Mo. Yes, this looks like being another interesting build BLOG. By the way - we went to see Alexanders today as planned. We came away with a good feeling - will drop you an email update, but no pictures to put on our site yet.

Mo said...

Got your email thanks, have replied with more thoughts.
Hey, lovely to see this boat build site progressing innit.

Sorry to hijack your pages Jo and Keith, its getting a bit like a chat room here.

No Hadar news today?