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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Week Thirteen

Monday 27th March 2006
Steve 2 cuts out the positions for the 7 portholes. Steve 1 finished the sliders for the boatmans cabin hatch. Roger began marking out and welding on the dummy rivets along the port side starting at the bow. Each rivet is place 41/2 inches apart. The rivets Roger uses are his own design, so if I tell you his secret design he may have to shoot me LOL. Steve 1 did the planking on the rear bulkhead of the boatmans cabin, to give it the effect of wooden planks. By the end of the day Roger had made and welded into place 198 rivets. I dare say he will be seeing them in his sleep. Steve 2 welded on the weather strip over the window in the galley on the Port side. Steve 1 cut out and tacked on the hinges for the rear boatmans cabin doors.

Tuesday 28th March.
Steve 1 welded on the rear doors for the boatmans cabin, he also cut out the hole in the engine room roof for the pigeon box, which has already been made. After checking with keith and I about mushroom vent positions and bulls eye position Steve 1 then set about cutting the holes in the roof. Steve 2 spent the day welding up and grinding back along the length of the boat. Roger continued welding on the dummy rivets, and had added another 85 by the end of the day. The pate we will stand on for steering was also welded on by the end of the day.

Wednesday 29th March.
The hole for the engine exhaust was cut out in the roof of the engine room, and the fitting put in place.The handrail for the starboard side of the roof was made and welded into place. The Port side weather strip over the galley windown was welded on. Steve 1 set to adding all the steel frame work for the boatmans cabin floor. The Saloon stove flue hole was cut out.

Thursday 30th March.
Fender brackets were welded onto the stern of the boat. Steps for the inside the open hold, were being made. Today the Tiller arm, propeller, anodes, propshaft, stern tubing gland, and navigation lights arrived. Framing out was taking place inside the boat for the woodwork.

Friday 31st March.
The steps for both sides of the open hold were welded into place. Steve 2 started welding on the dummy rivets on the starboard side he did 221 by the end of the day. Two chimney collars were bolted into place in the boatmans cabin and saloon. Door securing nuts were welded onto all doors and windows. One of the two ring and rails was made for the saloon bulkhead.
Another exciting week for us, having sat and watched it all going on. Hadar looks like a real boat now and she has her own personality.

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