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Monday, May 15, 2006

Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen

Monday 1st May 2006.
No work today as it was the May Day Bank Holiday.

Tuesday 2nd May.
Outlets were cut for the drain holes, for the basin, shower and galley sink under the port side window in the galley. The outlet for the washing machine was cut on the starboard side. The battening out continued ready for the foam insulating, which was booked for Wednesday. Once the battening was completed, all holes ie: port holes, chimneys, drain holes, etc were covered and sealed ready for the foaming. Holes were also cut through the bulkheads to take water pipes and electric cables, they were then covered and sealed. Also all the battening had to be covered with tape, so that once the foaming was done the tape could be taken off to reveal the wooden batten. The bulkheads in the engine room were covered with newspaper and taped up, they are not insulated as they only need insulation one one side only. Steve 2 had the messy job of rubbing down the cabin tops read oxide coat, ready to take a coat of gloss, so Hadars body work will be protected once outside. A top coat of gloss is added because the red oxide alone is porous. Once Hadar is ready for her final paint job, all this will be stripped off.

Wednesday 3rd May.
The guys from A & K Insulations Ltd ( arrived around 8:15am and prepared their equipment for the task of insulating Hadar's cabin. James was doing the spraying whilst John his partner was in charge of looking after the pumping equipment. They had to make sure there was at least a 1" even coat of foam through out the boatmans cabin, bathroom, galley and saloon. They finished it around 11.45am and then set about packing everything away.

Thursday 4th May.
There was no work done on Hadar, as Steve 2 had injured his ankle, and was taking a few days off to recover.

Friday 5th May.
Steve 1 started to clean the battens after completion of the foam insulating, where the spray foam had come into contact with them.

Monday 8th May 2006.
Steve 1 continued the job of stripping back the foam insulation off the wooden battens. He also had the job of cutting back and sawing off the excess foam, where it was protruding over the wooden battens. I found that the sawing of the foam put my teeth on edge ewwwwww.

Tuesday 9th May
Steve 2 is still off work, with torn ligaments in both sides of his ankle, we wish him a speedy recovery. Steve 1 was again cleaning the battens this time in the boatmans cabin. Once that was all done he then painted the floor in the boatmans cabin.

Wednesday 10th May
Steve 1 finished rubbing down the cabin top that Steve 1 had started before his ankle injury.

Thursday 11th May.
No Steve 1 today he hurt his back on Wednesday. The mast and stand timber arrived. We sat down and worked out where we want all the electric sockets and lighting fitted.

Friday 12th May.
Steve 1 was back, all be it a little stiff, he finished rubbing down the cabin top. He then altered the sheeting fixing rail. Finally for this week he spray painted a coat of ice blue gloss paint over the red oxide. The gloss coat is there to protect the metal work, once outside until the final painting.

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