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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weeks Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen

Monday 10th April 2006.
Hadar was lowered back to the shed floor, back on safe ground. Steve 2 was back on rivet duty, and it was the turn of the roof edge, doors and bulkhead. These rivets were much smaller than the hull rivets, so much more fiddly to put on and weld, in fact I think Steve had the patience of a saint. All in all on the Starboard side he welded on 221, see what I mean the patience of a saint.
Tuesday 11th April.
Steve 2 was again on rivets, this time on the port side, and in all he welded on 231 on the cabin tops doors and bulkhead. Believe it or not I actually counted all the rivets after he welded the remaining bow rivets on and amazingly there are approximately 1315. I say approximately because after counting them all twice I was ginging up the will to live. So if we meet up on the cut and you want to challenge my total feel free to count them up Ha ha ha. Believe me it is not easy, I was seeing double by the end, so goodness knows what it like to have to weld them all on. I will apologise to Steve 2 right now for putting him through that torture LOL... Oh heck I was forgetting he got paid to do it LOL. Steve 2 also fitted 4 fold up brass foot steps which are on each corner of the cabin top. So when we are both to old to climb onto the cabin top we can use the steps. Don't laugh we have to think of these thing's now after all I am coming up for 44 LOL. We maybe spring chickens now but as Hadar is going to be our only boat built from new, we are having everything fitted now for our more advanced year's. Forward thinking pay's, so if your thinking of having a boat built, think about what will happen when you are getting older and what you would like fitted now.Back to the boat, I was getting side tracked. Roger begain working on the swan neck, he had the steel on the lathe. Now that was an interesting thing to watch, look at the photo's and the one with the hole in the wall where the steel pole comes out. A great bit of design work LOL.

Wednesday 12th April.
The letter box vents for the boatmans cabin were screwed into place on both sides of the cabin top. When the boat's were first built with them in the 30's, the vents were open and used, but on our boat they will just be for affect. It all just adds to the over all affect. Steve 2 also welded into the open hold the mast base box, which will take the main wooden mast.

Thursday 13th April.
Steve 2 added more framing out steel in the cabin around the port holes. Both Steve 1 and Steve 2 then stated the bending of the swan neck, using a blow torn and brute force.
Friday 14th April. Good friday so nothing happened today it was a well earned day off for everyone.


As it was the Easter Weekend no body worked Easter Monday 17th April.

Tuesday 18th April 2006.
Back to work and the swan neck was made, fitted and painted with red oxide. The screw holes for the navigation lights were drilled in to the saloon bulkhead. The head lamp post was welded into place above the gas locker at the bow.

Wednesday 19th April.
Steve 2 was busy with grinding back of the hull. Ariel fixing points were drilled out on the roof. Roger sorted out the gearbox, which had been in one of his previous boats, it had had very little use. The Top Hat was made and fitted on to the rudder post, above the rudder tube.

Thursday 20th April.
Steve 2 started spraying our cabin top and roof with red oxide paint. The fumes alone were enough to make anyone high LOL.Roger cut out the battens, for the framing out of cabin. Steve 1 cut out and welded the plate to the gearbox, that will hold it all in place.

Friday 21st April.
Steve 2 all masked up finished spraying the boat, doing the open hold and the bow, then both he and Roger began blacking the bottom with 2 pack. Hadar will have 2 1/2 coats of the 2 pack.


Monday 24th April to Friday 28th April we were away. You can read about the fun few day's we had at Work was still taking place on Hadar over the week and it was as follows.

The port holes for the cabin top and pigeon box arrived along with their glass. The bulls eye also arrived along with the mushroom vents. All the holes were drilled into the cabin top to take the afore mentioned. The battening timber was screwed into place through out the boatmans cabin, engine room, bathroom, galley and saloon. The sheeting eyes were welded into place along the gunwales of the open hold. They will hold the ropes in place over the sheeting. 2 vents for the diesel were put into place in the walls of the engine room. The day tank was also fitted into the engine room. We discussed the outlets for the shower, basin, galley sink and washing machine with Roger. The yellow Pine for the open hold top planks arrived they are each 11" x 2". So it was a very busy week whilst we were away.


NB-Belle said...

Hi. Looking very smart indeed. Just curious; what is the "day tank" for in the engine room?

Cheers, Chris.

Jo said...

Hi Chris.
The day tank is called that, because each day you hand pump the diesel which you are going to use for the day into it. Because our engine is a vintage engine she does not have a fuel pump, so instead they fit a day tank. In a way it is great because we will know exactly how much fuel we are using every day.
Hope that helps.

NB-Belle said...

Ah ha. I see. Never thought of that. Thanks for letting me know.

Cheers, Chris.