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Sunday, September 17, 2006

First Week Of the fit out.

We have been told by others with boats that when having a boat built, the fit out always seems to be the slowest part of the whole build. Well we will let you know if we agree now that the fit out has begun LOL.
For us the process of the fit out began this week, after discussions with Roger our builder about where the electrics were going, he began with the electrical wiring in the boatmans cabin, the pipework went onto the cooling tanks, and the timber work began in the boatmans cabin with the flooring and walls.
It is important at this point in the fit out to make sure all the wiring is in the right place, because once the walls and bulkheads go up it is difficult to change the wiring without taking it all down again, so along with Roger we are making sure everything is right from the start. Thats where being near the boat yard is a real help because we are on hand if Roger needs to know anything.Whilst we were out on Friday the flooring went down in the galley, bathroom and utility area. It is really quite exciting seeing her come together already. I hope that you enjoy following the fit out with us and for those looking in who are thinking of having a boat built, it gives you an idea as to what goes on and what you can possibly expect.

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