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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week Two Of the Fit Out

I thought as a few things had been happening with Hadar's fit out this week I would give you another update. The boatmans cabin is coming along a treat.

Having done the floor and part way up the gunwales, Tongue and Groove was then fitted to the wall of the cabin, and a hole for the port hole was cut out.Then the lining out of the other wall began with hardboard, to this the bed and cupboard will be fitted, and there are of course wires dangling ready for connecting up when the time comes.It has actually got exciting seeing her boatmans cabin begin to come to life.The Hardwood Step went in and it really is a solid piece of wood. I have no idea what sort of hardwood it is, but it looks the part anyway and will definately see alot of footprints on it over the years to come.See what I mean, it is a substantial piece of wood.

The ceiling has been panelled out with tongue and grove timber. The bulls eye and mushroom vent holes have been cut out and holes for the lighting wires have also be cut out ready to take the lighting wen the time comes.The beginings of the boatmans cabin cupboard shell have gone in. So a very busy week with the fit out. Both Keith and I really enjoy taking in all that is going on, we will definately know where every wire and screw is by the end of this journey.


Lorimar said...

Good to see things coming on so well, great pictures see what you mean about the step looks lovely
keep the updates coming
Mark & Lorain

Anonymous said...

This is really starting to look like a beautiful narrowboat. The woodwork looks terrific. It must be very exciting. Hope all continues to proceed according to plan.

Best regards,


Mo said...

Really looking like a home now.
Can imagine yourself in there already. Love the wood grains and colours.
Won't be long now.