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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weeks Five and Six

I must apologise to all who have been waiting for the latest pictures of Hadar's fit out. Life at the boatyard has been pretty hectic this past few weeks, with other work being done at the yard.
Hadar's fit out is coming along really well, and we are so pleased with the way her boatmans cabin is looking now.

There are doors with hinges on all the cupboards . I just love the tongue and groove panelling on the cupboards.

The table-cupboard door hinges down, and there is a handle on the crumb/cutlery drawer. The bed cupboard is now complete, and awaiting it's mattress. It is all very exciting. I know how daft we are, lol, getting excited about a bed cupboard, but it will be where we will sleep for the rest of our days, so bear with me if I get over excited at something so silly.

Roger has been working really hard on the cabin. As you can see there are now shelves on both sides of the rear door, and he has also put in the partition between the bed area and living area. With a fake beam across the ceiling.

We have a coal box, which sits under the top step and doubles up as a second step. We will be able to get loads of coal in that box.

Under the shelves is the radio box, where boat people used to store their radio. I dare say we will find a good use for it.
So as you can see it is all going incredibly well, the next stage is making and fitting the drawers under the bed.


Elsie said...

Hi Jo, I have been waiting for some new photos of your fit out. Great to see- it's looking good! I have actually got shell photos on my blog- they have finished building the shell- yippee! Can't wait for the next phone-call to visit!! Regards, Elsie

Mo said...

Love the pics, now she's looking a work of art.