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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weeks Seven and Eight of Hadar's Fit Out.

Hadars fit out is progressing at a great rate now and the boatsmans cabin is almost finished. Roger made the double doors into the engine room.

The four drawers which go underneath the bed cupboard and seating were made up ready for fitting.

Roger then went onto make the wooden hatch slide, which was then covered in aluminium, and an aluminium strip screwed around the edge.

The final thing to be done was the lining and detail to the back doors of the cabin. We are so pleased with all the work done on the boatsmans cabin, it is just the way we imagined it would be.

So with the boatsmans cabin fit out completed, it was time to start on the engine room. With the doors in place it was now time to line the engine room out.

Firstly the ceiling was lined out with tongue and groove timber, holes were cut for the pigeon box, lighting and exhaust.Then the walls were lined out with plywood and edging strips for that final detail. The whole thing looks fabulous.

With the engine room almost complete, we will be sitting down next week, to discuss the fitout of the front cabin. This will involve putting in the shower/toilet/laundry area, galley and saloon. We are keeping it all very simple and tasteful, so keep popping in to see the changes happen. And no the cover over the engine is not my new curtain material LOL.

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Mo said...

Absolutely brilliant. Love the wood colours, bet you're really chuffed to see it coming together.
Love the blog.