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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Week Ten

The upper walls of the saloon and the first part of the galley have now been fitted. It is taking shape rather nicely. Despite the sloping roof of the 8 ft saloon there is plenty of headroom. Well there is for Keith and I as we are both short!
The wood panels are ash, with cherry bordering. We have seen the effect on a previous boat Roger built whilst we were moored here, and we rather liked it. The ash will be painted with a thin layer of ivory coloured paint and the grain shows through which we liked.

With the wall lining being completed, work started on the shower/toilet cubicle, and the laundry area. The walls in the shower/toilet cubical are thicker (18mm ply) as these walls will be tiled and need a firm base to be attached to. All the various water pipes needed to be installed as things proceed. With the temporary installing of the major appliances (washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge-freezer) to calculate the bulkhead positions, Keith's calculations were spot on
everything fitted, he had been worried that they would be wrong but these fears were soon dismissed, Pheww!!
Mind you there isn't a lot of room to spare, they all just fit in with millimeters to spare. It is all going to be very snug. We are both so excited it is all our Christmases coming at once.

Over the next week things should really change. So please pop back in to have a look.


Anonymous said...

Hadar is really coming together. She seems to be changing in leaps and bounds. Everything looks beautiful. Good luck and Merry Christmas, Mark

Mo said...


Looking beautiful, well done. Smashing pics and love your descriptions.

We wish you two a very Happy Christmas followed by a quick delivery and an unlimited, everlasting warranty.

Mo and Vanessa