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Monday, September 03, 2007

Sheet Stencilling

Working Out the Stencil Postions.

This past week saw the stencilling of the sheeting. First of all the stencil was offered up to the sheets whilst still fitted to the boat to mark the locations on each sheet. This would ensure that the final stencils would be straight, centred and the same on both sides of the boat.

Stencilling the 1st Half of 1st Sheet.

Then the 1st sheet was removed and taken into the unit. Here it was laid out on the floor and the stencil attached in the correct location. Then the stencil was rollered by Tina with Roger hold everything in place. Great care had to be taken as the paint used is specially designed to actually melt into the plastic sheeting. It has a tendancy to go stringy, especially if there is any wind or breeze, so all doors had to be kept shut. It also is very unforgiving if accidentally applied to the wrong place, it won't come off!

The Completed Stencilling of the 1st Half of 1st Sheet.

It dries very quickly.

Stencilling the 2nd Half of 1st Sheet.

The stencil is then moved to the other half of the sheet and the process is repeated.

The Completed Stencilling of 1st Sheet.

The final result is amazing. Tina did a fantastic job. The stencil joints on the O and D have to brush painted over, unlike a lot of sheet stencilling, the GUCCCo filled in the lettering. Once the sheet had fully dried it was refitted and the same process was repeated for the 2nd and 3rd sheets. The 2nd sheet was refitted but the 3rd was left in the unit as it was too dark to fit it safely. It was fitted the following morning. Fortunately it wasn't supposed to rain overnight!

Refitting the 1st Sheet.

The Completed Sheet Stencilling.

Friday morning the final completed sheet was refitted. This now completes the outside work on Hadar, and very smart she looks too, thanks to Tina who has worked her magic. Roger has progressed well with the work inside and has whittled our "To Do" list down to the last 2 items. 2 of the major jobs done were the fitting of the floor in the hold and fitting the thermostat in the generator cooling circuit to allow the calorifier to heat up 1st before going to the skin tank. Keith managed on Thursday to cure the problem with the washing machine not working with the generator. He checked the frequency of the generator output and it was set to 60Hz, the American frequency, ooops! Keith readjusted the speed of the generator and set it to give 50Hz. I ran the washing machine and success, it worked properly. So another week over and we are getting ever closer to setting off.

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