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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Welcome Visitor.

We had a very welcome visitor yesterday. Yes you will recognise him if you read his blog Granny Buttons. Andrew Denny stopped off in Stone and was moored just up the canal from our boat. Having walked past his boat with Paddy early in the morning, I went back to and see him on Granny Buttons, Andrew then came to the boatyard armed with his camera, to come and have a look at Hadar. It was wonderful to finally shake the hand of Andrew and put a face to the wonderful blog diary he writes. Andrew was very taken with Paddy as was Paddy with him. Keith and I had a lovely time chatting to Andrew. If you see Granny Buttons and Andrew whilst out and about say hello to him, he is a lovely guy. We look forward to catching up with him again when we are on the move.

Today we got the opportunity to take some photographs of Hadar.

Viewed from the Basin.

Today Keith took advantage whilst we had to move Hadar out of the basin, so that a boat could be craned back into the water, to take some photos of Hadar moored on the towpath.

Bow View.

As you can guess we are very proud of her. Trust Paddy to get in on the act. He loves to lay on the counter.

Stern View.

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