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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rickmansworth Aquadrome.

Friday 18th April.

A morning overcast and windy. If the wind would of dropped it would have been really warm. The sun did try to put in the occasional appearance.
Having walked Paddy early on Keith and I wrapped up against the wind and took Paddy for a walk around the Rickmansworth Aquadrome, which is an amazing place.
The lakes are full of wildfowl of all descriptions. With it being Spring many of them are either pairing up or already nesting. The Aquadrome, covering 100 acres consists of the lakes, grassland and woodland and is an ideal place for walks. At the centre of the Aquadrome are two lakes, formed by the extraction of the gravel used in the construction of Wembley. It is also used by fishermen, boats and water skiers as well as the waterfowl. It is an ideal place to take the children and walk the dog, but I would suggest that if you are walking the dog, you keep the dog on a lead, so they do not upset the nesting wildfoul at this time of the year.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th April.

As we are still at the mooring in Rickmansworth I thought I would show you some of the wildfowl we have seen on the Aquadrome. No photograph I can take can ever do this beautiful place justice, it is really stunning even in the overcast weather we have had for the past couple of days. Not only is there plenty of wildfowl to look for there are also plenty of plants to keep an eye open for.
We spotted the first Bluebells in a small wood.Along with them were clusters of Forget-me-nots.
First on the wildfowl list were lots of Swans, some of the adults have their cygnets still with them from last years breeding. We were excited to see a pair of Giant Crested Grebe, we saw a couple of pairs of these amazing diving birds.
It is a bird watchers paradise, there are hides which can be used if you so wish.
As this is Spring, there are no end of little ones around now, a proud pair of Coots showed of their two off spring, they always look so prehistoric when tiny.
Even Mr Robin wanted to get in the photographs.There are a lot of proud parents out there, but the proudest seemed to be the Canadian Geese, who had a cute family of 7.The seasons never cease to amaze me and the wonders they produce. If you are ever passing through Rickmansworth, please stop off and take a walk around the Aquadrome, you will not be disappointed by what you see there.

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Maureen said...

Oh, the Geese photo is my favorite (since I am Canadian, of course!)

Wonderful pics, Jo.