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Monday, May 05, 2008

Cavalcade Part 2

Sunday 4th May.

We woke up to a bright sunny morning, so things looked good for the Cavalcade. Keith and I dressed up in the boatman and boatwoman’s traditional outfits for the day, as we thought it would be nice for visitors to see what was worn in the 1800’s until the 1920’s. It proved to be quite a hit so it turned out. We met up with the Narrowboat Trust boats NB Brighton and NB Nuneaton and got chatting to the volunteers who help to keep the boats running. Both NB Brighton and NB Nuneaton are owned by the trust and are worked as working boats to this day, by the volenteers. Please go to there website and read about the Trust. You could not wish for a nicer group of people. As we stood chatting away, people were asking if it would be ok to take our photographs, which we duly obliged, but then Terri one of the boats volunteers realised that if we sat on NB Brighton we could help them raise funds for the two boats up keep. Keith and I were only to happy to help out.
We would like to thank Dave, Terri, Peter, Jill and Andy for a fantastic weekend, we were only at the event as visitors and they made us feel included in the cavalcade, we were only to happy to help them raise money for the up keep of Working Boat Brighton and Working Boat Nuneaton. Keith and I really enjoyed our time, talking to members of the public and letting them take our photo’s for a donation of 10p for each photo taken, we were a little amazed that it worked and people were only to happy to give their money for such a good cause. Anyone can join the Narrowboat trust for just £15 for a Standard Single Adult Annual Membership a year, joining them means you can go out on the boats, go to festivals with them and help look after the boats. Now that to me sounds like £15 well spent. You can help with boats without having the exspence of owning your own boat.
During the day we watched boat handling competitions, there were plenty of stalls to look around and things for the kids to do.
We have booked Hadar into next years event, as we were enjoying ourselves so much.
After a fabulous day, the evening was spent on the bow of Nuneaton watching the Pageant of Illuminated boats and listening to Blues Brothers music, played by an excellent band, whilst enjoying a couple of glasses of wine, what better way to end the day, not even a late shower could spoil a perfect day.

Monday 5th May.

The sun was out and the day promised to be warm and dry. We had agreed the previous night to dress up in our boatman and boatwoman clothing and help out on the Narrowboat Trust boat NB Brighton.Take earlier in the year.

We arrived at NB Brighton for 10am as people were beginning to arrived for the days events, and we got chatting to people, who also asked for photographs, it was going to be another busy day.
During the afternoon we climbed onboard NB Nuneaton for the Procession of working and historic boats, Dave and Peter took her out into the pool and around into Paddington Basin where we lined up behind NB Fulbourne for the procession. It was great fun seeing so many people enjoying the Little Venice Cavalcade and all it had to off. Having done the procession, Nuneaton went up the cut and winded at Sainsbury’s before heading back into the pool, where she moored alongside Brighton. Keith and I then joined Terri, Dave and a friend of theres at the Warwick Castle Pub for a dinner of Sausage a Mash, it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. Made perfect by the new friendships we made with the members of the Narrowboat Trust and the fact that the whole event was so well organised. So here’s to next years Cavalcade.


Maureen said...

Look at you two!!! Awesome!

Wow, it sounds like you had a blast. What a great festival to be a part of... and so wonderful of you to help raise funds.

Very cool!

LadyBanana said...

Hello Jo, my goodness, I've not popped in to see where you are for a while now and now I find you are quite literally just down the road from me!!

I live about 10 mins bus ride from Little Venice!

How long will you be in this area?

Lovely to catch up on your journeying :)

Jay said...

Great idea to charge a nominal fee for photos - small enough that people don't mind, yet it all adds up.

You make it all sound so romantic and fun! I'm sure it's actually very hard work, and fun at the same time. One day perhaps we'll have a narrow boat holiday and then maybe we'll be hooked too!

If I ever see Hadar on my travels I'll give you a huge wave.

Keith & Jo said...

Thank you all for your messages.
Jay it is hard work but we love it.
LadyB. We have left now but we will be coming back. I will let you know when. If you go to my profile and send me an e-mail with your e-mail addy, I will keep in touch with how close we are when we come back, we are going to Bishops Stortford first then back in a few weeks. Would love to meet up.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the band (is the lead singer).
It's always nice to get any kind of feedback from a gig, especially one which was as fun as this one was.


Keith & Jo said...

Hi Will.
You are more than welcome for the feedback, we thought you were great and maybe we will see you there next year, as we are booked in.
Have a good weekend.