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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday 16th May.

The day started as it had ended raining. So Paddy was quick at doing what he had to do, before he made an about turn for the boat. It started out really miserable, but by 10.30am the rain disappeared and left an overcast sky. We put on our coats though and went for a walk in the park, where they have a Fun Fair set up for over the weekend. That got us to thinking that the place we had moored may not be as quiet as it was last night. Still we carried on walking and wanted to have a walk onto the Castle mound, but it was locked to the public, which is a bit of a shame so with that we went back into the town for a walk around in the dry. Bishop’s Stortford is quite a surprise, I was expecting a quiet market town with shops around the edge of a market square, and it is not like that at all. It is actually a sprawling town, with the old mixed with the new. The new being Jackson’s Square, which has high street stores undercover. We were walking a long the high street, when I saw a face I knew from the TV and papers. He was one half of the designers of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. David Emanuel walked past Keith and I, whilst he was chatting to a companion. Amazing who you see whilst walking in a small town. Although there are a few high class clothes shops in Bishop’s Stortford. As with walking around any town we got thirsty, so had a nice coffee and toasted tea cake in an old style street cafĂ© Lancasters, before heading back to the boat, where we made the decision to move Hadar back down the canal ½ a mile, to a quieter mooring. Where we were moored had apartments on the opposite site to the towpath, and building of new apartments going on.

It also means it is easier for our friends to come and see us, as there is The Tanners Arms where they can park their car, and we can all enjoy a drink whilst we catch up on all the news since we left Felixstowe. As we rounded the bend to the new mooring sight, we saw the BW guys we had been seeing for the past few days, and Keith asked if it was ok to moor the boat where were wanted to go. We were told that it was no problem and it would infact be quieter. So maybe the 14 day mooring gets a little rowdy at weekends. I had been a little worried after I saw three pairs of Police Community Officers patrolling past our boat yesterday. Having cut back some of the vegetation, so we could see the edge of the bank, we moored up with our very own concrete steps, ideal for paddy to get on and off the boat. So this is the mooring for the weekend, we have the road one side and Tanners Wharf the other, which is like all other places being built in Bishop’s Stortford Luxury apartments.

Saturday 17th May.

As we opened the doors to the morning, the sun was trying it’s best to poke through a very overcast sky, so it did not bode well for the days weather. Paddy did however get a dry walk, we spent the day doing very little as the weather was not the best, infact it was so chilly and damp we lit the fire. Due to a poor TV signal our DVD collection came in very handy for the evening.

Sunday 18th May.

The sun is out and it is a beautiful morning. We plan on having Sunday Lunch out at The Tanner Arms, and probably watching a good old Sunday movie like El Cid or The Alamo, that we will decide later. Have a good Sunday see you next week.

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Maureen said...

Yeah! I am all caught up again!

Hope you have a terific week, that the weather brightens and you find many more interesting places to wander and photograph for our enjoyment ;)

Be well.