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Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching up with friends.

We have arrived in Banbury once more to gather food supplies and a few extra bits and bobs we need. Yesterday we passed Ernie on NB Ten Bob Note, he was filling his water tank ready for a cruise south for the winter, so we wished him well and went on our way. We moored overnight below Banbury on the 14 day moorings, where we took the opportunity to get rid of some unwanted items to a charity shop, we also spent a peaceful night onboard.
This morning we got up and went food shopping at Morrison's. Having stowed the food away, we then slipped our mooring and headed for the sanitary station, where we had a number of items we wanted to throw away, as well as emptying both toilet cassettes. Whilst Keith untied Hadar I set the lock with Gongoozlers watching on from the bridge. I then got chatting to a gentleman about coal and which were the best sorts to burn on what types of fire. I think he went away happy with the explanation. Having exited under the lift bridge, we then managed to find a mooring on the 48 hour moorings which would be fine for us overnight.
As I was tying off, I spotted a boat in front of us which looked very familiar, but I could not place it (old age). It was then I saw the owner and realised that it was NB Kyle and her owner Brian, who has a new member onboard named Ghost. Ghost is a 2 year old collie-spaniel cross and is absolutely beautiful. Brian has found a real gem with Ghost. Brian, Keith and I got chatting about where we had been and what we had done since we were together on the BCN Cruise, when Keith came up with the idea of going to the Top Wok for lunch, so I invited Brian to come along. We all enjoyed a fabulous buffet lunch as always. It gave us the opportunity to have a real good chin wag. Having left the Top Wok, Keith and I went off to do some retail therapy before heading back to Hadar, where we then unloaded 8 bags of Excel for Brian. It is always so wonderful to meet up with friends. we also notice that NB Lazy Days is moored up, not sure if we will see Alan and Frances before we leave in the morning. it was absolutely wonderful seeing Brian again and meeting his dog Ghost and maybe we will see them again during the year.

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