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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Iced in at Banbury.

Since arriving in Banbury, the temperature has continued to drop. Last night it dropped down to -8.7C, which is freezing by anyones standards. The one good thing with being iced in at Banbury is it means we get to do all the shopping and jobs that need to be done. Yesterday we spent the day shopping in Castle Quay and and surrounding shops in Banbury. We of course did all the charity shops as well. We both had a list of things we wanted to buy, which included things for the boat and personal items.

Whilst out shopping we took the opportunity to have lunch out at the Top Wok Chinese Buffet, which does a lovely buffet meal for £6.50 each. We have eaten there on a previous occasion and really do enjoy the food they cook there. Having eaten lunch we then walked up to Maplins and B&Q to get items for the boat. So it was a day of retail therapy.

As many know who read our blog I am always going on about respect and courtesy to others, and I do get annoyed when others seem to let the side down, this happened yesterday when I went into a shoe store to buy a pair of slippers. I chose my slippers and went to the counter to pay for them. The lady who was behind was on the phone talking to someone from another store. Infact she was moaning about another store manager. What got my goat was that she continued talking on the phone whilst serving me. Now as I see it, what she should have done was either put the phone down and call the person back later, or ask another member of staff to serve me. I find it dreadfully rude to do such a thing. I paid for my slippers and left the store feeling really annoyed.Today we had the task of doing the food shopping at Morrisons, which was a bit of a walk through Banbury to get to, but we had nothing else to do so we pulled on our winter gear and rucksacks and set off in -5C to stock up on food. The Morrisons in Banbury is really well set out, and I remarked to Keith on how well the shelves were stacked, it seemed a shame to take things off the shelves. With Christmas and the New Year only just put to bed, shock of all shocks, Morrison's has Easter Eggs on the shelves, I couldn't believe it. These eggs will be past their sell by date when Easter arrives. Back onboard Hadar, I unpacked the shopping whilst Keith went back to Maplins to exchanged an item. I then went with my rucksack to the fruit and veg shop in the town to buy all our veg for the next few days. After lunch we went in search of an Opticians, as we both need our eyes tested. Eye tests vary in price we discovered from £22 to 27.50, depending on where you go. We have opted for the Spec savers who charge £22 for an eye test. That is tomorrow afternoon taken care of. Whilst in the town we went back to one of the charity shops to buy a cheap teapot we had seen yesterday. Whilst in the shop, eagle eyed Keith spotted a well known book that was the height of fashion when it was published in 2005, and many boaters have bought. For just £1 we could have purchased Narrow Dog to Carcassonne. We declined the bargain basement offer and left the charity shop with our £2 teapot a much better bargain. it just goes to show how fashions change and how quickly people go off items.
As we are going to be in Banbury for a few days now due to being iced in, we have taken the opportunity to book eye tests for tomorrow. Neither of us has had them done for about four years and I know my eyes are getting worse. Oh the joys of getting older arghhhhhhh.

Many would find this weather a complete nightmare, but Keith and I absolutely love it. I find it really magical. it hasn't been this cold for a long time, so we are making the most of it.

So we shall see what the next few days brings as far as the weather is concerned. We hope that where ever you are, you are staying nice and snug. With coal onboard we will never be cold that is certain. I did however have to clean the chimney in the back cabin yesterday as it had got a little conjested, that is the only bug bare of burning housecoal.

Take care and stay safe and warm where ever you are.

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