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Friday, November 19, 2010

Bridge 57 to Welford Junction

We are now moored at Welford Junction after a pleasant mornings cruise. It was foggy to begin with, but once the sun burnt through the haze it turned into a beautiful day. We stocked up customers with coal on route and met another at Welford Junction. We will be here for tonight, tomorrow we are heading to Crick to supply customers with fuel. Keith is still struggling with his back. The sack truck with towels inside the tyre has been tried and tested and it will do until we can get another sack truck sorted out.


Ray and Jayne Travelling in No Direction said...

Nice Picture in Towpath Talk !

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi Ray and Jayne.
Thank you. That is my Hilda Ogden look. Was surprised to find out that to get that photo you have to pay the photograher for it.

and P+P 1.75

I think it is a flippen cheek, as I did not give him my permission to sell the photograph. Jo

Ray and Jayne Travelling in No Direction said...

Thats shocking, Halfie may be able to advise as he is a picture editor at the BBC.