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Monday, November 01, 2010

Foxton Locks to Black Horse Bridge

What a taxing run this morning, all of 1200 yards, from the bottom of Foxton locks to Black Horse Bridge, Foxton. We had a great weekend, selling lots of coal. The weather wasn't too bad either. Keith managed to get another coat of red gloss paint on the wash bowl. Apart from touching up the green and yellow, and a couple of coats of varnish inside the bowl, it is nearly finished. He also rewired the temperature gauge, which he recently moved from the instrument panel in the engine room to the pigeon box. Hopefully it will now give a better reading, having moved the wire from the sensor to go directly to the gauge from the engine, rather than via the instrument panel, and doubling up the Positive supply wire from the panel to the gauge by using the now redundant wire which was being used for the sensor.

Whilst doing this he has also neated up the cabling from the panel passing underneath the Invertor/Charger to the engine, by refitting the spiral coating over all the cables and wires, including the new ones he has installed since the boat was built. He has also taken the opportunity whilst doing this of installing the new temperature sensor for the Invertor/Charger thus including the wires in the cable loom, but he still has to connect the two ends, which he will do next time he lifts the floor in the boatman's cabin and can get to the batteries. He also installed the cable needed to extend the wires needed for the new generator hour meter he will install in the instrument panel in the now vacant hole left by the moved temerature gauge. He will install it once it has reached the same number of hours as the existing meter on the generator, which is reading over 500 hours. He has had the new meter connected to 12volts for over a week now and it has clocked up 300 hours so far, only another 200 to go!

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