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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hadar's Repaint cont.d

Friday was a great painting day and we spent over 8 hours painting, and got a lot more done than we thought we would. Jo finished blacking the inside of the locker, painted the new blue around the frame of the gas locker hatch, the front cross member below the cratch, front cross member on the forward cabin roof, engine room hatches, rear cabin bulkhead and rear doors and mops. Jo also painted the engine room floor. I completed the sign writing on the 1st water can which is now finished, and put the 2nd coat of primer on the 2nd water can, then prepared the boatmans cabin slide ready for painting. Then between us both we masked up the port cabin side ready to repaint, which we will do today when the mist has cleared and it has warmed up a bit.

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