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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hadar's Repaint

Well the great repaint of Hadar started yesterday. With the warm sunshine the conditions were right to make a start on repainting the blue in the correct shade, Lauderdale Blue, so for a while she may be sporting two differents shades, lol. Already we are preferring the correct colour. Jo also painted the forward bulkhead which had been painted in the blue, but we have decided to change it to red oxide as can be seen in the photo.

At the time of Hadar's original painting I could not decide which way to go and opted for the blue, which upon reflection, was the wrong decision. Having changed one side yesterday it already looks much better. It also means where we have the rings on the bulkhead rails, the damage and rust won't show up so much. Also in the photo can be seen the pigeon box and the further cross beam in the new blue.

I have restarted the 1st of my new water cans, just have to sign write the name on the front. I will start the 2nd one today with the 1st coat of primer. I have donated the 2 old ones to the Foxton Canal Museum. This new water can is in the photo.


Travelling in No Direction said...

Yes,the red oxide looks much better.

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Couldn't agree more. Problem is all the books and magazines only ever show the side view, and occasionally the bow and/or stern, but there is more to painting a boat than that, the roof for example.