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Monday, May 16, 2011

Braunston to Hillmorton

A late start this morning as I waited for Tradline to open, and then I had to return in ½ hour to give them time to wind the 60m of line I wanted onto a reel. This line is to replace the tempory lines we made when Hadar was first launched to hold up the side cloths, and some rope to make a pair of answer lines, which I may need later this year.

A fairly uneventful run to Hillmorton locks, where we overtook 2 boats going the same direction. Granted one had stopped above the bottom lock to empty their elsan, but the other boat was in one of the bottom locks, and according to Jo they had tried to use the lock we went inot, but he couldn't open the gate, so they changed over to the other lock. This meant the first lock was full so Jo opened it up and we went through and left before them. Jo reckoned from the conversation between the 2 men they were trying to do it scientifically. So much for science, knowledge and muscles win the day everytime. Not wanting to arrive at Rugby to find no moorings we decided to moor up below the bottom lock, and leave arriving at Rugby till tomorrow morning.


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