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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mountain Barn Bridge to Top of Braunston Locks

We both definitely have the bug to get moving, so much so, that we broke our golden rule and travelled on a Saturday. A colder day, but at least it was dry, if windy, but with a load of coal in the hold the wind doesn't affect Hadar so much. The new prop is performing well, we can certainly stop a lot quicker, and have been running at lower engine revs for the same ground speed. Once we left the Leicester Line at Norton junction and into the deeper water of the Grand Union Main line we really noticed the difference, she motors along quite nicely now. We had thought of stopping just after Norton junction, but the ringed moorings were all taken, so we carried on to the top of Braunston locks and have moored here for the night.


Karen Whittal said...

Been catching up on your 'travels" I am sure that you are pleased that summer is on the way, sounds like your still having fun, fun, fun........

Keith said...

Thanks Karen, I wouldn't say we are having fun, but we certainly are very relaxed, especially now all the boat painting is done, and looking forward to a great summers cruise.

Chas and Ann said...

We were pleased to see you on the Leicester line as you passed. Our friends on Plaidy were thankful to have a few bags of coal from you.
Saw that prog on BBC4 and thought that it was very informative.
Chas n Ann