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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Streethay Wharf to Bradley Green, below Atherstone locks.

14.62 miles, 2 locks, 7hrs 5mins.

Map picture

Bradley Green

A day of sunny periods, slight rain showers, and gradually strengthening winds throughout the day. Last night we were moored very close to nb Electra, the other narrow boat with the only other National DA2 that we know of, but after we had dinner and showers we were too knackered to go and say hello. This morning they set off before us, but we caught up with them at Peel’s Wharf where they were taking on water. We stopped just before the River Tame aqueduct to sell some coal and they passed us again. We caught up with them at Glascote locks where there was a queue forming due to the bottom lock only having one functioning ground paddle. This gave us a great opportunity to meet Bernie and Leigh, who now own Electra, to have a good chat and compare engines.


Following behind Electra crossing the River Tame aqueduct.


The other DA2 engine in Electra. I dug out the information that I got from the Anson Engine Museum, and to our amazement this engine was also in the same batch of 18 built at Trojan of Croydon as our engine.


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Mark Hall said...

That's a nice looking engine! I've always fancied the traditional layout. All my boats so far have been cruiser stern. Still find the engine room a slightly daunting place.
All the best