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Monday, March 06, 2017

Lapworth Top Lock to Bridge No.10, Shirley

A sunny but chilly run this morning. Jo struggled to raise lift bridge No.28, but having let it back down it came up the 2nd time. We pulled into Swallow Cruisers and took on 205 litres (⅓ of a tankful) of diesel, and picked up 3 cans of engine oil.


We carried on but there was a strange noise coming from the engine room, which I had 1st noticed Saturday coming up the Lapworth locks. It appeared to be getting worse, not something else going wrong? We pulled over, and fortunately it was only the timing indicator rubbing against the flywheel, I must have leant on it whilst changing the oil and filter on the generator, phewww!

Now moored by the winding hole north of Bridge No.10, near Shirley, at what is a fairly non-muddy towpath.


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