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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Saltisford Arm to Bridge No.60

We set off this morning on our Spring/Summer cruise. We had previously arranged with Ray & Caroline on “Tranquil Daze” who winter moor at the Saltisford Arm, to share the Hatton locks. Things were going so well until Jo could not shut one of the bottom gates. I struggled with long pole and grappling hook, but finally admitted defeat when I saw as CRT volunteer lock side, So I asked Jo to have a chat with him, he very kindly rang the right people for us, and the lady and man soon arrived and had the debris, which was bricks, cleared using their long keb, ours was not long enough.


Upon leaving the lock I noticed the canal building alongside the lock cottage and thought it looked remarkable like the model that I have recently purchased.


Apart from the doors are different colours. Upon checking once we were moored up, the lock cottage is the same as the one that Hornby retailed, so I may have to purchase one when we return.

SAM_7766bLock cottage

I breasted the 2 boats up whilst in the bottom lock, which gave us a 3 person land crew, Ray went ahead setting the locks, whilst the girls stayed and worked the lock I was in.


Nearly at the top.


At the top lock we said our goodbyes to Ray and Caroline as they wanted to fill up with water, and we carried on. It was once I was in Shrewley tunnel that I discovered our tunnel lamp wasn’t working, but who needs one anyway!


We are now moored near Bridge No.60 just north of Shrewley tunnel.


We had home made leek & potato soup for lunch, then I set about fixing the solar panel control box, which was showing an error. I quick run of the test facility and it was work fine again. Then I tackled the tunnel lamp, which appears to be a faulty permanent wire connection to the bulb, which isn’t so permanent more intermittent. I fitted a spare bulb and all working fine again now. Quite an eventful 1st day!

3.7 miles, 21 locks in 3hrs 30mins, it took us just  2½ hours to do Hatton locks.


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