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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week Nineteen.

We have had another week of excitement with the fit out of Hadar and with the boat we live on Misty Lady. Roger had been making the door for the shower, and the top half of the walls in the engine room got a coat of Ivory Gloss (photos to come next week).
Water Tank Goes In.
The water tank was fitted this week. The weather was right so we could drop the sheeting to allow access, but also Roger wanted to make room in the shed for a steel delivery which was due, so the tank had to go in. With a little heaving and hooing the water tank moved into it's home.

Water Tank in Postion in the Bow.

We put Misty Lady up for sale with Longport Brokerage and no sooner was Misty Lady on the market, than we sold her, it only took one week. It is one less worry for when Hadar is completed knowing that we have a new owner for Misty Lady . Once Hadar is finished and we have moved on to her, the new owner can take over Misty Lady. It will be sad to see her go as she has been our home for 2 yrs and our first boat. But we will be fulfiling a dream with Hadar and that is extra special.

Misty Lady Sold

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