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Friday, March 16, 2007

Week Twenty... Hadar is Craned Out to go into the Paintshed

Hadar is Craned Out to go into the Paintshed. For any boat owner this can be a tense time, but it actually went really well.

Hadar is Craned Out.
Hadar was craned out yesterday, to be lifted into the paintshed for her external paintwork. she creaked a bit, but everything went very well. At least we know she weighs less than 25tons, as that is the limit of Rogers crane!
Jetwashing the Grime Off.
Before the final lift into the paintshed. Tina needed to get the grime off of Hadar, which had built up since her launch, it had to be jet washed off. Then after lunch she finally slid the last few feet into the shed, where she will stay until her paintwork is finished.

The Final Push.


BigJohn said...

Looks like you're at an exciting stage again - but then, every stage in the building of a narrowboat is exciting isn't it?

Any chance of a link to our blog? nbEpiphany

Oh and thanks for your RSS feed!



Keith Lodge said...

Hi John it sure is excting and the only boat we will ever ave built from new.
Of course I will add a link.
Nice to meet you and heres to having a coffee and a natter on the cut.
Jo xxxxxxxxx