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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week Twenty

Another week of high excitement.

Painted Engine Room.

The final coat of paint was applied to the engine room, the green is to match the engine and the background of the roses in the boatmans cabin. Keith spent sometime with Tina the boat painter to choose the colours for our Grand Union Canal Carrying Boat, we are going with the Red, White and Blue colour scheme, and have choosen from International Paints obviously White, the Blue is Bondi Blue and the Red is Rochelle Red. It will look fabulous.

Diesel Generator ready to be Installed.

The diesel generator was installed in the engine room today. It took quite a while to prepare the night before, removing all the soundproof casing, as it would not fit in the engine room with the casing on. It took quite a lot of effort and careful maneuvering to ease it in through the engine room doorway. Once inside the engine room it then had to be maneuvered around the engine to the other side of the boat, and the corner where it will reside.

The Generator goes Slowly in through the Engine Room Doorway.

The generator is to supply the power requirement for the washing machine and/or the tumble dryer, which is higher than that which the invertor will supply. But the major reason is that it will be used to charge batteries when moored in a location for a few days, rather than running the vintage National engine, I would rather wear out an easily replacable generator than a very rare vintage engine.

Installed in the Corner of the Engine Room.


Mo said...

Diesel genny - that's just what's on my mind. Any chance of some details, if there's more where that came from?

And don't rush the paint job, we need to see loadsa shine on it too. Hope the weather's just perfect for drying.


Jo said...

The diesel genny is from Kurunda.
The one we have is the old version and non digital. The newer one out now is digital.
It took some working out to get it in as it was covered with sound proofing which we have taken off as Roger will build his own box around it.
e-mail me at and I will find out more details for you.
Jo xx