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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week Twenty-Eight

Both Keith and I have enjoyed another week of watching Hadar's Progress. It is an absolute joy to watch her coming together. Keith unfortunately put his back out, so has had to take things easy this week.
Day Tank Installed
Roger has been busy in the engine room. As can be seen in the photo the day tank has been installed. A day tank is used when an engine has no fuel pump, so that fuel can be supplied by gravity. We are awaiting the semi-rotary pump to arrive which will be used to pump enough fuel up from the main tanks to use in a day's cruising, hence the name day tank.

Stern Coachlining.
Tina has progressed with masking out the final coachline on the stern of the cabin, and has undercoated it. She has also started to undercoat the front hatch cover

Front Hatch Cover

Semi-Rotary Pump.

Things have been progressing rapidly in the engine room this week. The semi-rotary pump has been installed, which will be used to lift fuel from the main fuel tanks to the day tank. The engine and generator have both been connected to the fuel supply via remote fuel filters, and the cooling system for the gen connected to the skin tank. The gearbox has been connected to an oil cooler, which has also been connected to the cooling tank for the engine.

Engine Exhaust.
Both exhausts have been connected. The one for the engine is straight through with no silencer box. I have been assured that this will reduce coking up of the engine, it will also mean that everyone will hear us long before they see us coming! The generator exhaust has a silencer box, and it's outlet goes through the hull side. The 2 header tanks are for the cooling systems for the engine and generator.
Gen Exhaust and Header Tanks.

Tina has prepared the cabinsides for the blue coat, by masking off the coachline and red panels. If she gets bored she can always read the news! Once the blue is completed then she can start on the sign writing.

Cabinsides Masking Off.


S said...

Have you got a sight glass on your day tank? We're supposed to have - it's been ordered and made, ages ago - but it's gone missing, which is what's holding things up!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Sarah.

No we have not got a sight glass on the day tank... I hope yours turns up.... We have not got it hahahaha.

Have a good day..