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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week Twenty-Nine.

We have had another fascinating week, with the painting and fitout of Hadar. There is never a dull moment, It is lovely to be able to share her story with you all.
Gearbox Oil Cooler.
Roger has fitted and connected the gearbox oil cooler. This is just part of the extensive pipework for the engine and generator. As the engine is mounted in the centre of the engine room, he has had to fit a vent pipe to the ceiling to allow venting of any trapped air at the highest point in the circuit. With the more traditional engine mounting close to the bulkhead all pipework is taken horizontally to the bulkhead and venting is achieved through the header tank. All exposed pipework is in copper with brass fittings, whilst all below engine and floor piping is in Hep2o plastic piping and fittings.

Engine Cooling Vent Pipe.

Completed Slide Hatch.
Painting is proceding well, despite the damp weather which is not favourable for painting. Tina has completed the front hatch cover and the slide hatch. It is nice to be using the word "completed" regularly these days.

Completed Front Hatch Cover.

The calorifier has been installed and is the process of being connected to various pipework. For non-boating people a calorifier is the hot water tank. Hot water is obtained from both the engine and the generator cooling circuits. We will also have an immersion heater fitted so that we can heat water when connected to a land line without having to run either engine.

Installed Calorifier.

Starboard Paintwork.

Big moment today with the uncovering of the starboard paintwork. With the blue having been completed and dried, Tina removed the masking to reveal the paintwork. It looks really great. It needs to have the sign writing to be applied to complete.

From the Other End of the Cabin.

Pigeon Box and Engine Room Hatches.

The pigeon box and engine room hatches have started to receive their paintwork.

Pigeon Box in Detail.


kim said...

Ahhhh, Jo! She is beautiful, and I am so happy for you!

Jo said...

Hi Kim.
Thank you. Yes your right she is beautiful, but hahahaa we are biast. We cannot wait to get aboard and cruise her...
Have a fab day