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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week Twenty-Seven

Work progresses onward and upward. Tina has been busy with the paintwork, as can be seen the bow is all but finished, the name "Hadar" has to be signwritten on to complete it. The hatch cover needs to be painted white, and the foredeck painting will complete the fore end.
Bow ready for Signwriting the name.
The cabinsides have received their first coat of red gloss. It now gives us a real feel for what the final colour scheme will look like.
Red Gloss on the Cabinsides.
The slide is almost completed, the heart has had it's undercoating, and is now awaiting the red gloss coats to finish. It sounds good at last to be using the words "finish" and "complete" regularly, hahahahaha."finish"and"complete" regularly, hahahahaha.

The Hatch Slide.

Roger has got the remaining hinges and has fitted the remaining cupboard doors. He has also been fitting various door bolts to the external and internal doors where needed. Roger also fitted the brass door handles to the doors, we will get some photographs of those when we can. Roger is now starting work in the engine room. So come back next weekend to see what else has been done.


Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Thanks for your comments on our blog. Hadar looks wonderful, you must be so pleased. Your blog is great, and it really helps to read others keeps us going whilst waiting for our build to start!! Look forward to hopefully meeting you one day on the cut, and will keep following your blog to watch Hadar's progress.

Del & Al

Keith Lodge said...

Del and Al.
Nice to see you.... If we can elp at all please feel free to ask. After all we ave all been in the same boat, so to speak LOL.