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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Week Twenty-Six

In this past week of watching Tina paint Hadar in her livery, we have come to appreciate how difficult it is to hand paint a boat, with all the masking up with tape and the waiting for parts to dry. So you can progress to the next coat of paint. It makes you realise why it takes so long to do a beautiful job. This week began with Hadar having her bow painted blue.

Blue Bow.

The Guard Rails receive their Black Gloss Coat.
Apart from lots of rubbing down and recoating the cabinsides and bow, the counter has had the guard rails painted black, which now completes the counter apart from the counter deck.

Water Tank Connected.

The water tank has now been connected up, to the filler, overflow and of course to the rest of the plumbing. Roger has been busy inside the fore cabin, fitting cupboard doors, and painting the ash walls and the roof. He also fitted the lights.

The Rather Spendid Completed Counter.

The Red Undercoat on the Cabinside.

The cabinside paint scheme is now taking real shape with the red undercoat giving some idea of how the scheme will finally look.

Painted Saloon.

The painting of the inside of the forecabin has now been completed. The majority of the wood which is cherry has been varnished, and the ash walls have received a wash of ivory, which allows the grain of the wood to show through, which looks great. The ceiling has also been painted gloss ivory to match the roofs in the engine room and boatmans cabin. The lighting has been installed throughout the forecabin. Nearly all of the cupboard doors have been fitted, Roger is waiting for more hinges to arrive to fit the remainder.

Painted Galley.
I am looking forward to cooking our first meal in the galley, whilst Keith sits and watches the TV LOL. We are both so pleased with the way it has turned out. The grain on the cherry now it has been varnished really stands out, and really does look impressive. Another week has past and we are delighted with all the work done so far.


Epiphany said...

Hi Jo & Keith,
She is really begining to look good. I am sure you are really excited as the end draws near. We hope all goes well and look forward to following your travels!

Mo said...

Cor, can't wait to see your boat. Beats the Hilton any day.
Well done you two.