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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Week Twenty-Four

We hope that everyone enjoyed a lovely Easter break and if you were cruising enjoyed the beautiful weather. After the Easter break it was back to work on Hadar. With this warm spell it means it is warm in the paintshed.
Primered Bow.

The coat of red oxide paint, that Hadar received last week to her roof is the final coat, as it dried ok over the long weekend. Tina then primered the bow and the roof of the saloon, and then started the undercoat, with the red hinges of the front hatch cover.

Roger is continuing with the tedious task of cutting and fitting all the beading to the galley and saloon woodwork. Just one of the fiddly jobs which seem to take ages, but as will be seen when I can take a photo inside, some of the mitred corners are quite difficult due to the acute angles created by the saloon roof under the cloths.

Primered Saloon Roof.

Primered Cabin Sides.

Tina primered the cabin sides in grey. It may seem like each process takes ages, but it has to be given a good length of time to dry, so patience is a virtue not just for us but also for Tina as she progresses through the job. I always think if something is worth doing it is worth doing well LOL. Tina is very, very good at what she does.

Painted Counter.
Tina gloss painted the 2 bands on the counter, the upper being white and the lower red. The small Northwich is unusual in that it has an extra guard rail between the lower two. The painting of the red band ignores this, assuming it doesn't exist, apart from painting it black the same as the other 3. It will all become clear when the guards are finally painted black.

Bow Coachline.

The bow was masked off and the white coachline applied. Then Tina started the tedious task of masking off the coachlines on the port cabinside. This can take a long time to get right to ensure that all the lines are straight, the vertical ones are vertical, that the horizontal ones are horizontal and all line up with the adjacent one. It doesn't help when these coachlines cross hinges, etc. This stage is important as apart from the coachlines themselves, the rest of the painting hinges on this being right first time. I don't envy Tina at this point, not something I would want to do.

Masking Off for Cabinside Coachline.

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