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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week Twenty-Three.

Finished Castles.

A week in which we saw a lot of different things going on. Tina put the final touches to the remaining castles on the rear doors .

Painting of Roof Details.

Tina has painted the roof details such the chimney collars, pigeonbox 'ole, engine exhaust collar, hatch slide and roof cross beams.

Galley Drawer Fitted.

Roger has made and fitted the galley drawer underneath and to the right of the galley sink. Hhe was also working on all the edging strips around the cherry. It is of course looking fantastic and exactly what we wanted.

Tina also primered the counter.

Primered Counter.

Final Roof Coat?

Hadar received what could be it's final coat of red oxide paint, depending on how well it dries. We will know on Tuesday if it is ok.
Red Undercoat on Counter.
The counter received a coat of red undercoat on the lower band.
In between painting and rubbing down, Tina has completed the castle on the coal bunker. There is still a red edging strip to go around the castle picture, which will be added later. The coal bunker goes in the boatmans cabin underneath the step. The coal bunker also serves as a step upto the counter level step.

The Finished Coal Bunker.

As you can see it has been a week where a lot of different things have been happening. It is all the bits and pieces which go together to make a wonderfully finished boat.

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