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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Week Twenty-Two

Stove now Fixed in Placed and Boiler Connected to Pipework.

Roger has been installing the radiator in the toilet/shower cubicle, and running through the pipework to the back boiler in the coal stove over the past few days. He has been grouting the tiles behind the stove as well and fixed the stove in place and connected it to the pipework. It looks absolutely fabulous. The picture tiles are hand painted are a scene of Coniston. We decided to go for some old Quarry Tiles for the base. Roger had some in the boat yard, which we sorted through until we found enough to cover the base. We think they look the part.

Radiator Fitted and Connected.

Tina has had a busy week finishing of the Castles on the back doors and painting the roof Red. It is a Red Oxide Colour but has an enamel finish.

Red Oxide Roof.

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