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Monday, July 23, 2007

Decorateded Boatmans Cabin.

Decorated Boatman's Cabin.
With completion getting ever nearer Keith spent the weekend fitting the last few handles to the galley window doors and the necessary warning labels to meet the safety certificate requirements. I fitted the curtains I made, in the boatman's cabin, and then Keith fitted the numerous lace and ribbon plates he has collected over the years, ready for this very day.
Today Roger is making the removable perspex windows to fit in the galley doors.
The photos below are just more views of the decorated boatman's cabin.

The Stove Area.

I reckon over the coming years there will be many a good casserole cooked in the stove, and curry standing on the top, so if you are cruising past and a waft of curry hits your senses, it is probably coming from our boat LOL.

Stove and Table as Seen from Counter.

My Curtains.
The finished cabin we think looks wonderful and very homely, it is our touch of paradise. I made the curtains from a large piece of material bought from a charity shop for just £1.49, it was an absolute bargin and looks fantastic with the lace. The overall finish is made even better with the roses and castles that Tina painted, everytime I look at those pictures I see something different. Tina has done a wonderful job with the back cabin, so a huge thank you to her for all her hard work.


Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

Hi Jo

Your cabin looks great. I made my curtains out of charity shop ones, though I paid 4.99! But I did get two big pairs of lovely linen curtains for that, still not sure what to do with the rest of it! I do hope we'll run into you soon, Hadar is certainly distinctive. Is it the photos or is the blue of your paintwork a shade paler than normal GU Coronation livery?

Jo said...

Hi Sarah.

I am not sure about the paint colour, we tried to get the paint as close as possible to the GU livery. It maybe lighter we shall see.
I am not sure what the blue is called, but Tina our painter tried to match it up with photos of other GU boats in the same livery, there seems to be a varying degree of difference in some colours.
Still as she is a new boat I don't think it will matter much. She is our interpritation of the boat Keith used to run.

I am looking forward to meeting up with you both and seeing Warrior, hopefully ti will be soon, but with all this flooding who knows when that will be LOL...